Black Oxide


  •   Eliminate Dimensional Change

Because blackening changes the metal’s surface instead of adhering to it, there is no surface build up or distortion.  Critical dimensions remain unchanged.  Excellent for finishing gauges, cams, bolts, screws, precision machine surfaces, or other close tolerance parts. 

  •   Improve Corrosion Resistance

Black finishes absorb final sealants and rust preventatives, keeping them in intimate contact with the metal itself longer than if the preventative was applied directly to bare metal.  You can obtain twice the corrosion resistance of a non-blackened surface.

  •   Improve Abrasion Resistance

The anti-galling surface achieved through blackening lets the outer lubricating layer to be sacrificed during contact and abrasion; excellent for break-in.

  •   A Decorative Finish

The pleasing black finish enhances the quality and appearance of many items.  The material cost is so low that some use Black Oxide to distinguish between similar parts.

  •   Improve Adhesion Qualities

Because of the surface property-changing effect of blackening, the adhesive qualities of metal are greatly enhanced.  Paint and other finishes take a better hold, and last longer.            

  •   Reduce Light Glare

Reduced light glare on moving tools and machine parts improves safety and reduces eye fatigue.  Blackening also improves the performance of many optical surfaces.